Inspired by the spirited 70s, young upholsterer Rolf Benz founded his own company in 1964 with a mission to redesign seating furniture. The first creations were a huge success revolutionising the traditional furniture arrangements and offering flexibility, functionality and a straightforward clarity.

Today Rolf Benz stays true to the ambition: created furniture are adaptable to individual needs. They are multifunctional, comfortable, cozy and allow the pleasure of rest. In all brand’s creations the warmth of handmade can be felt, as well as the attention to comfort and materials.
Highest quality and craftsmanship is in the brand’s DNR. Every piece of furniture reflect passion for creating a product that meets highest standards. It helped Rolf Benz to have a strong position between leading soft furniture brands in the world, as well as gained them multiple prestigious awards.

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